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​​About Us 

Our Agency

Second Chance And Reentry Services, Inc. (SCARS) was incorporated as a charitable organization in the State of Oklahoma on April 21, 2009.  SCARS received its 501(c)3 letter from the Internal Revenue Service on August 31, 2011 and we began providing services in January, 2012.  We became a United Way partner agency in 2013.

Our Vision

Second Chance And Reentry Services increases the safety of all Oklahoma residents by providing relevant, forward-thinking, and effective staff, programs and services that reduce violent and addiction-driven crime, improve the quality of life and interpersonal relationships between our clients and their families, and promote the reintegration of incarcerated, isolated or stigmatized individuals back into their families and communities.
​Our Values

Core values define the people within the organization and thus are reflective of the organization itself.  They are the fundamental principles that guide everybody's work at Second Chance And Reentry Services as well as their interaction with clients, co-workers and community members. 

Our staff members are inviting, friendly, resourceful and supportive of our clients and stakeholders from the initial phone call to the final meeting.
We recognize that everybody has a story.  We respect and value diverse life challenges and are honored to be chosen to help with the healing.
The education, training and experience of our staff ensure that we maintain a workforce that is knowledgeable, capable, innovative and forward-thinking.
Our involved staff, physical office space and innovative programs create a vibrant and dynamic environment that stimulates change and progress. 
We develop purposeful partnerships that produce a synergistic effect resulting in increased communication, improved performance and economizing measures.
We nurture, support and motivate our clients as they weave an enhanced value system into the fabric of their own families and communities while taking on their new role as mentor.