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ADSAC Assessment – for driver's license reinstatement after a drug or alcohol-related arrest; state-certified

$160 - arrest was after 11/1/08  
$175 -arrest was prior to 11/1/08
Domestic Violence Inventory - includes a written report to the referring authority
Substance Abuse Evaluation – for all other drug- or alcohol-related issues; includes a written report to the referring authority*
$200 - *pending certification from ODMHSAS
Mental/Behavioral Health Assessment - completed by a licensed behavioral health professional and includes a written report to the referring authority* $600 - *pending certification from ODMHSAS

ADSAC "DUI" School, 10 Hour Class – ADSAC assessment determines this need$150
ADSAC "DUI" School, 24 Hour Class – ADSAC assessment determines this need; $100 down to start$360
Anger Management Class – 12 weeks; evidence-based curriculum
$50 intake
$25 per week
Changing Offender Behavior - 16+ weeks; Cognitive restructuring, problem-solving, and social skills​$50 intake
$25 per week
Women's Batterers Intervention Program – state-certified 52-week program​
$150 intake
$25 per week
Men's Batterers Intervention Program – state-certified 52-week program
$150 intake
$25 per week
Active Parenting Program – 12+ weeks; specific evidence-based curriculum for parents of toddlers, young children, and teens

$50 intake
$10 per week

Parenting Through Divorce – 4 hour workshop that complies with the Oklahoma divorce statute$50
 Victim Impact Panel – held in conjunction with our 10-hour ADSAC class
(money order ONLY to V.I.P.)


​Individual & Family Therapy ​for Children & Adolescents - Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) & children's room for Play Therapy; Soonercare/Medicaid, private insurance, and self-pay accepted ​$120 per 60 minute session
​Individual, Couples, & Family Therapy for Adults - Client-Centered, Reality/Choice, and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies; private insurance and self-pay accepted
$120 per 60 minute session
Drug & Alcohol Treatment - *Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient (IOP) treatment groups ​*Pending certification from ODMHSAS
Case Management & Referral – *Helping clients connect with community resources  ​*Pending certification from ODMHSAS