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​Our Goals & Objectives

Goal #1 - Cultivate a state-certified treatment agency that implements research-driven assessments, evidence-based treatment programs, advanced information technology, effective operations and Board governance that is dedicated to achieving co-occurring capability, cultural competency, and trauma-informed care

Goal #2 - Develop working partnerships with governmental departments, tribal entities, faith-based organizations, primary care settings, and community and private sector organizations in order to identify additional funding streams, tap personnel resources and human potential, and increase awareness within the community of social issues related to crime and addiction

Goal #3 - Increase public safety by acting as a 'safety net' which reroutes and engages offenders in individualized treatment programs while simultaneously facilitating relevant and effective two-way communication and information-sharing with criminal justice systems

Goal #4 - Reduce recidivism rates by addressing high risk offenders' criminogenic needs, 'criminal thinking', and criminal lifestyle as an option for, or in conjunction with, incarceration,  supervision or new forms of technological monitoring

Goal #5 - Reduce relapse potential and its subsequent consequences by providing evidence-based co-occurring treatment that utilizes motivational interviewing, cognitive-behavioral treatment, person-centered therapy, peer mentoring and cutting edge treatment protocols that are based on neuroscience and the development of pharmacotherapies

​An Open Invitation

We welcome all clients, potential clients, family members, friends, visitors, and community members.  Our hope is that the initial contact and greeting from our staff will be a welcoming experience.  We are not only pleased that you are inquiring about our services, but grateful for the opportunity to serve you.  And in serving you, we strive to become co-occurring capable, culturally competent, and trauma-informed.​

Co-occurring Capable

Our agency is dedicated to being responsive to the needs of individuals with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders at all clinical levels of care.  Our agency's goal is to provide integrated treatment for co-occurring disorders that is holistic, comprehensive, and recovery-oriented.

Culturally Competent

Our agency is determined to become culturally competent as evidenced by our effective interactions with people from different cultures and ethnicities.  By educating our staff, we are able to increase our understanding of socioeconomic issues, avoid language barriers, and appreciate religious beliefs.  We strive to familiarize our staff with specific ethnic affiliations, gender-related topics, and healthcare issues that may determine the success or failure of our clients.  Our intent is to serve culturally diverse clients, employ staff members and  Board members that reflect the diversity of our clients, and establish programs that address the needs of different client populations.  Our agency fosters a culture of education, tolerance, openness, and respect.​


Every potential client is screened regarding their substance use, mental health, trauma symptoms, gambling, tobacco use, domestic violence events, criminogenic risks, and case management needs.  If screening indicates a client has recurring mental health symptoms related to a past or current trauma event a trauma assessment will be completed and an individualized treatment plan will be implemented.  We utilize evidence-based treatment protocols for group and individual therapy.